Mission, Vision & Experience

Mission –
To create a community of life-long learners working together in a caring, challenging and nurturing environment that encourages enthusiasm, international mindedness, independence and responsibility where academic and personal potential can be achieved.

Vision –
We aspire to be a school from which students gain a sense of personal accomplishment, self-confidence, and a lifelong love for learning. By fostering critical thinking through the inquiry process, our students develop a broad range of competencies for their future endeavors. We value a strong partnership where parents contribute to the education and success of their children.

  • We foster a well-qualified, highly-skilled and approachable faculty, and expect and support their professional development.
  • We inspire our students to strive for excellence in all aspects of their development: academic, intellectual, creative, social, physical and emotional
  • We expect our students to become productive individuals and principled world citizens.
  • We respect every individual and every culture in our community.
  • We believe that our diversity of cultures, languages and experience is a source of strength, inspiration and knowledge.
  • We promote the exchange of ideas and an atmosphere of openness amongst students, faculty, parents and administration.

Experience –

  • A Strong International Academic Program designed to challenge independent and motivated learners
  • An Engaging Educational Approach – Students are given ownership of the learning process and are encouraged to actively participate in their own education by setting personal goals and performing self evaluation.
  • Holistic Development – Students are nurtured to create well-rounded, individuals with an international outlook and a sense of Indian culture and values
  • Small class sizes and teacher – student ratios
    Faculty is a professional team of highly qualified and experienced teachers.